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We're Salt Lake City's newest and (hopefully) best dance club! We reside in an old brick warehouse in the Granary Row district that's been converted into a music venue. We feature music from all kinds of genres, but we especially love dance music in particular.

We're all about the music over here, so we've chosen to work with Quality Sound LLC, to bring you the city's FIRST and ONLY Funktion-One sound system in Utah. As some of you know, these purple beauties were made and designed in the United Kingdom, and imported across the pond to reside here in our Salty City.

We hope you'll join us for one of our many events featuring some of Salt Lake City's best and brightest talents, both local and world wide. We'll see you on the dance floor!

Some of the best clubs in the world feature Funktion-One, including Berghain in Berlin, Output in New York, & Space in Ibiza just to name a few!


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625 S. 600 W.
SLC, UT 84101